Your Funds Are Safe

Your Funds Are Safe

Thinkwise Credit Union deposits are insured up to $500,000. Accounts are insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a US government agency, and an additional $250,000 by American Share Insurance (ASI), a private deposit guaranty corporation.

Most other financial institutions insure deposits to only $250,000. Thinkwise increased its share insurance coverage to $500,000 by purchasing Excess Share Insurance through American Share Insurance (ASI). Excess Share Insurance is only available to qualifying credit unions that meet rigid underwriting requirements that provide monthly financial information to ASI, including a list of members qualifying for the added insurance.

To learn more about ASI and Excess Share Insurance read through the Excess Share Insurance frequently asked questions section at their website:
American Share Insurance

For information on federal share insurance go to:
National Credit Union Administration

If you have more questions about your Thinkwise Credit Union deposit insurance protection give us a call at (909) 882-2911.

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