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As a member of Thinkwise Credit Union, you enjoy the benefits of being part of the cooperative choice: lower fees, better rates, a voice, and a vote in a locally operated financial institution.

That choice is being threatened. The corporate tax exemption that allows credit unions to return so much of their earnings to members is on the table as Congress is under pressure to address the deficit. There are many other options Congress could consider, but your Representatives and Senators need to hear from you now to protect our tax status. A tax on credit unions is another tax on you.

It takes just minutes to help protect the credit union choice. You can take action by visiting the website, and be connected to your legislators. A sample letter is online, however, your personal story will be more effective. Did Thinkwise help you get a loan, keep your home or car during the recession, or do we save you money every month with free checking? Tell Congress.

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