Virtual Strong Box

Thinkwise Credit Union members have free cloud storage from the comfort of It’s Me 247 with My Virtual StrongBox.

What is My Virtual StrongBox?

My Virtual StrongBox is a secure online safe deposit box where Thinkwise members can store their sensitive documents, such as wills and loan forms.  Conveniently accessible from within It’s Me 247 via a Single Sign-On (SSO), members can also receive secure documents, like e-receipts, following in-branch transactions with Thinkwise Member Service Representatives, and receive an email notification when it arrives.  Thinkwise Credit Union members can even share their documents with others by sending a secure link.

How much space does each member receive?

Each Thinkwise member account will receive 10 MB of space at no cost to the member.  

Can members access documents directly from online banking?

Members access My Virtual StrongBox directly from It’s Me 247.  From there, they can view uploaded documents, upload additional files, and create folders.

Software Features

  • File Encryption in Transit
  • File Encryption at Rest

Thinkwise Credit Union Member Features

  • Single Sign-On interface from Online Banking
  • 10 MB of file storage
  • Create New Folders
  • Add, Move, Rename, and Delete Capabilities
  • File Share with Thinkwise Credit Union
  • File Sharing with any party outside of Thinkwise Credit Union

Watch a tutorial on how My Virtual StrongBox works.

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